I need a cover please

I need a cover for my new story, a La Luna y de regreso.

is it ink, limelight, classic?
edited or drawn?
commission or free?
how many characters?
poses (optional but preferred)

i’m an artist but i don’t do covers but people have to know all the details before even thinking about doing this.


Hi hun! I can help.
is it INK or LL? (I prefer ink lol)
do you want it edited or drawn? (I’m better at edited. I’m terrible at drawing)
How many characters? Or no characters at all?
What poses?
Character details?
Detailed description of what you want the cover to look like?
We can’t make a cover from a story name :wink:

ink, drawn, free, three, and yes poses if okay

it is ink :relaxed:, edited lol, three charecters.

skin- toffee
brow- thick arch athletic
hair- short cropped and platinum blonde
eyes- round piercing and green
face- diamond
nose- strong
lips- smirk and taupe

pose- idle_angry_armscrossed

skin- rosewood
brow- thin curved
hair- straight and black
eyes- downturned natural and white
face- oval
nose- elven
lips- full round and rosewood
pose: i kind od want her to be shushing someone, but i dont want it to be the acutal episode shush. if you could edit that that would be cool

So I would like the cover to have a backround of a pool. Specifically the backround on episode; ext.greek games poolside- day. I kind of want it to be ‘potrait’ possible. And i want the title above their heads. I want Chris to be obviously taller then Adrianna, and I want them to be standing really close to each other.

if possible can i see an example of your work?

Sure! Yet I’m sorry, but I can’t do drawn edits

My examples