I need a cover ppl plz

Hi there talented people - I’m on my very first story and I need a cover for my story. If I’m honest I am slightly picky. If you could, please please please make it stick to the actual avatar as much as possible. I also have an idea of what I want it to look like. Definitely give yourself credit by putting your name on it (and now I don’t mean in tiny font in the corner - give yourself some credit!) and I’d like it to say “By Aleen Ann Thomas”

Oh I almost forgot - the story’s called Spy Love.

I intend to write it in a Kayla Sloans style if anyone is interested :smile:

K thx ppl u r amazing lysm :heart:

I can send you pictures of the MCs as soon as someone takes up on this offer :black_heart:

I can try :smile:

Thank you! Can I see examples of your work?

Sure, wait a minute

Of course!



They’re so good!
I’d definitely like you to do mine
Hang on while I send a pic of my characters

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Here they are x

Could you possibly have them back to back holding guns and winking (I am so sorry if I’m asking too much of you - if you can’t it’s fine)

I’d like a dark bg plz

Tysmmmmm :black_heart:

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Ok I will do it asap.

Tysmmmmm :black_heart:

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Hey Patricia.epi sorry that i ask about this profile but i have no idea how i write you i am new😅. I Need an EP Cover That‘s a deep and People think about it. the theme is: let me be youre guard in hell and it should be dark. I would love it if u Can do something.