I need a cover someone plz help me!



{LIMELIGHT} I have a story about girl going to Georgia a&m university and since she has never left Florida she needs help in this new place and she meets a sophomore named Rainer and he guides her on not only being true to herself but learning how to love again The name of the story is “Trust me” someone plz help me


the greek gods can help you!


what do you mean


I am in an art group and someone from the group will do it.


sorry that girl is wrong! this is the right girl


Can you send the picture again in the pose you would like same with the other character as it is not showing up…


Hi I can help you !
I am part of greek gods


I thought you quit?


Quit what ?


What do you mean I quit ?


Oh sorry I was confused with someone else.


Oh haha
Was it u that wanted a cover ?


Me no. I thought you read this thread…


I did just thought you needed 1 too






I can


Episode harmony can


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I don’t mean to cause drama but I think she’s already started…