I need a cover :)

Skin- Rosewood
Brow- Mature Round
Hair- Natural curls
EYES- upturened luxe and blue
face- oval
nose- elven
lips- full round and plum

skin - toffee
brow- thick arch athletic
hair - generic short hair
eyes - gentle almond and brown
face- diamond
nose- strong
lips- smirk

I know what you mean. I mean do you mean a background from the art catalog or from the internet.

Hahah that was a lot of means.

Lol ok umm the internet but make sure it’s watermark free so you don’t get copyrighted!:slightly_smiling_face:

For natural curls do you want the color black?

And make sure to send me of what the characters outfits would be!

So for outfits.

Yellow Breezy Top
Black Short Pencil Skirt
Diamond Necklace Choker
Cream Espadrilles Wedges

Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)
Ripped Punk Pants
Cool Leather Jacket
Black Racing Shirt
Blue High Top Dance Shoes
Key Necklace

Yes please, both of their hair is black

Okie :wink:

Can i see some examples of your work?

heres the pic:


title- His.

animations- TEYANA: talk_foward
MIGUEL: laugh_crack up

PLEASE NOTE Miguel is very tall, and Teyana is very short - The hight diffence is enough for him to lay his head on hers.

Ok thx I’ll get this done right away!

I’ll PM you :grin:


Hey. So actually I changed Teyana’s hair to platinum blonde

Umm I already started sketching…:upside_down_face:

sorry, it can b black!

Sorry wrong. Name…

This text will be blurredNow here it is!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here is one with contour! :wink: