I need a cover!

I’m in need of help from the community.
I need a cover done.
I already have the cover art and all I need is someone to add a professional looking title template and some neat effects.
What I’m looking for:

  • Medieval Fantasy Theme
    Perhaps some bold golden text for the title? Something that looks like it’s straight from a medival fantasy movie or game.

  • Neutral Color Tones
    I don’t want any bright or pastel colors. Keep the tones earthy and warm. (Gold, White, etc.) (no Blue, Pink, etc.)

Here’s the Story Pitch in case it helps you with what effects or theme cover will need.

A young boy is offered a mysterious ancient book from a stranger, he takes it to his older brother who insists its fake and hides it for it to not be found for years to come. Many years later as the Older brother reaches adulthood; him and his friends are seeking adventure and decide to take a look at the ancient book he had hidden years ago. The ancient book tells of a story where there’s hidden magic that can be unlocked for the worlds use. It is said you must find the thief, trickster, saint, abomination, and the corrupted one before the key can be revealed. The Older brother begins an adventure to find these 5 figures out of curiosity, impulsiveness, and seek for adventure. This is the story of how the 5 powers that changed humanity forever were founded.

This is the story pitch.
I would be extremely grateful if you could help me make the cover.

P.S, I’m not obligated to use your cover after you’ve made it. I’m looking for certain qualities and If they’re not met I likely won’t use it. No offense to any artists. This isn’t meant to degrade anyone in any manner. If you have any questions or need details you can ask me below or message me. I’m truly grateful to anyone that’s willing to help wether or not I use the cover they made. Thank you again!

Here’s the cover art!

Cover Art


Title: Eternal
Author: ZADDY

Like I said, I just need someone to add the story title and some effects.

Thank you so so much.


I can do it for you!

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That looks SO good!!! :heart_eyes:


Just ask if you have any questions. I’ll glady answer.
My instagram is episode.zaddy if you need a different platform to contact me on.

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I don’t, but do you want the author name in the same font as the title?

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Whatever you think looks best!

Ok here it is- I didn’t go too crazy on the effects but, I can make them stronger if you like :slightly_smiling_face:



This one has a stronger gold effect



Thank you so much!
It looks great!!

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No problem!

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