I need a cowriter... PRETTY PLEASE!

Hey, y’all. I hope you’re having a beautiful day and are excited for easter as much as I am lol. Anyways, I’m looking for a partner to help me with a story I’m currently working on. I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do. I’m also looking for an artist as I am a NOOB when it comes to creating my cover. I’ll be open to your suggestions and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you. You can dm this page on insta. @itswereh if you’re interested. I’ll let you know everything once I accept your offer.


Hey, I can help you with some ideas. Dm

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Hi Rody_writes can you help me with my script I’m having difficulties writing.

Umm…I can only help u with story ideas coz am not really good at scripting. Well…what’s the problem?

I wanna add music and sound to my script but tried and its not working.