I need a customized background for my story

I need a customized background for my story.

This is the interior view of my bg, I want the exterior view for this with the same window and doors so that they look alike.
Thank you.


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you may request here :hugs:

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Hii! So I’m new here (I hope I’m doing this correctly)

I would like a background by @TaySilver. I’m about to write a new story and it’s about music. So I want my background to be an office but a ‘musical’ one. With music trophies in the back, some instruments as well and maybe a musical wallpaper. And I’d especially love for it to have a modern look. I hope this doesn’t sound too complicated.
(You don’t have to put a desk in it. :))

I’m not in a rush, so take as much time as you want (but not forever lol).

Overall, if you’re able to do it I so grateful (soooo sooooo gratefuuul)! And if not, it’s okay :hugs: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: