I need a description for my story

I’m currently writing a story, but I still need help with the description of the story… it’s called Divina, and the genre is Fantasy.
It’s about a girl who’s always been part of the human world but on her 15th birthday, she woke up in a whole another world, leaving everyone and everything she knew behind. In this new realm is a here she learned that she had powers- but not just any powers, really rare powers and her past life was all a lie.
Now she needs to figure out how she got there, how can she go back to the human world and the truth of her past, while falling in a love triangle.


Maybe the description could be this:
On your 15th birthday, you wake up into another world. You soon discover that you have powers. You soon realize your past have full of secrets. Can you unleash the secrets of your past and get out of this realm?

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It can be like-
Celebrating 15th birthday can be exciting right? But what if you woke up in whole different world, knowing no one. Will you ever find the truth behind it?

I like it- but she actually doesn’t turn 15 until the 4th or 5th episode so I don’t want to get straight to the point.

She doesn’t turn 15 until later in the episodes so I don’t want to put that she wakes up in another realm because it wouldn’t make any sense yet

Oh, I see, hmm…, so are the beginning episodes also important in the story or not really? If they are then maybe you would want to put it in the description.

Maybe something like :
*With an upcoming birthday on the wya, and a sudden feeling of anxiousness says before. What Is too come when suddenly everything you knew is different?


Days before your birthday, you’ve been mentally preparing for an another day of celebration. What happens when you wake up thinking of your bed at home, but it’s not.

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