I need a Digital Cover art please

Hey guys! Okay, so I’m not really good at digital cover art and I’m looking for someone make me one!
I know what I kinda want it to look like already and of course I will give credit! :wink: By the way it’s in ink!

420x580: I would like the MC (Jamilah) To be holding her love interest (Nixon’s) chest afraid while Nixon faces right angrily and the background I want it to be in the woods with a full moon.

966x642: I would like it to just be zoomed on the MC’s (Jamilah) eyes with her looking forward, and her eyes are red!

You can message me on here or my instagram @xjamiethewriterx! I would also love to see samples first, thank you for your time! :slight_smile:
I’m doing this again because I finally found someone, but for some reason they got flagged :frowning_face:

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