I Need a Digital cover (closed)



Hey guys! I’m starting a new story which means I need an amazing cover! I’m not great when it comes to covers, so I need someone who could make me one! :slight_smile:




Me and my friend would love to help :grin:


Episode harmony can if they cant


Hi! I was wondering if I could have a cover made for my story. Get back to me when you Can - Ana




Thank you!


Hello, I’m new to all this and I’m currently writing my very first story I need a cover if anyway possible, I suck at writing lol…
Story title: His Materpiece
By: BossLady11
My main character: honey skin, charcoal color fishbraid, round nose, full mouth, seductive arch eyebrows.
Love intrest; platinum blonde man bun, with. Stuble face, honey skin tone, tattoos from neck down. He is a high class Kingpin.
I’m not really sure on how to put them in the cover I’m not very good on describing for art work… any ideas you have will be great… I don’t really have a time limit on when I need in only on my first episode so I have time if you need it… thank you so much keep me updated if you can if not I understand.


I mean I suck at drawing… you can tell i didn’t proof read that.


@Kalizzza @Rac5hel


Hey I’ll do your cover


What’s the details