I need a director/co-writer (CLOSED)



Hey guys! I need someone to help with a story, I already have the idea but between school and work, I have no time to learn how to direct. If ya’ll would help it would be very helpful. PM me here or send a DM to my instagram: @ana_randall_5683


I could help you! If you’re interested you can DM me in instagram huntlo_episode


Thank you, I am interested! I have been searching for days, and also you would get credit as the director/co-writer.


Hey! Also if anyone else wants to help I will be completely open to that, it would be like a team. I would truly love to have a team and of course everyone would get credit. I would really love someone who can do special scene art/cover art and if not, we could do a contest.


What is your story about?


Well honestly, if you would like to know please PM me. I’m not trying to be rude, I would just prefer not sharing it publicly yet


I just DM’d you


Since I’m can’t log in instagram right now, can you please DM me?
Mine is: @scarisdeadative.episode_bye
I will check my DM as soon as I log in my acc


Can I just PM you? My phone is acting up


PM is DM I guess, haha


Hey even I am looking for someone to collaborate/ partner up with to write a story because I am bad with this whole directing thing and it gets all confusing but I have great ideas for an eye catching story


Shreya, I’m sorry but I really can’t help you. I don’t know any of the coding, I’m really sorry. You should post your own topic but specifically say you need and experienced coder. Lots of love and good luck!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: