I need a donut overlay

Can someone tell me how to throw something at someone and have the donut like fly and hit the other person?

found an overlay for a donut

you can download the overlay from the episode props

then to make it move you’d need to spot direct it, and make it move


Aside from checking out a great link that was provided to you by EtherealWitch, To do something like this you would have your character do a type of throw animation and spot direct the overlay to start somewhere and then direct it to shift to the person’s face. To help you on the overlay part,I would suggest doing something like this;
First get the overlay into the scene. You can do this by using this first:

&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

Then use the tools to spot where you want the overlay to start.

If you don’t know how to do this:

Step 1. Click Show Helpers
Step 2. Click Spot Directing
Step 3. Click Change overlay
Step 4. You’re going to then be using this Switch tool: Move and click it again to get Switch tool: Scale. Move and scale it to however you want it.
Step 5. Layer your overlay by using the boxes circled in orange. Bring to Front will bring the overlay in front of everything, Forward Layer +1 , will make the overlay +1 higher than it already was on and you can click that as many times as you need, Backward Layer -1 , will subtract the overlay layer number by 1. You can click that as many times as you need. Send to Back , will send the overlay behind everything. You also don’t have to use these to layer it, if you already know what layer number you want your overlay to be at.
Step 6. Press the Copy button

Paste it into your script by either using mouse right-click then paste OR ctrl key plus the letter V key. Change the @ symbols into & .

So it should look something like this now:

&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0
&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to ### ### in zone #
&overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to ### ###
&overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer #

Now you have the overlay set into your scene.

Now for when you want to move your overlay to “hit” someone you would then once again use the Switch tool. But it should say Switch tool: Scale so that you can move it. If it says Switch tool: Move, it’s on for scaling which means you’ll be adjusting it’s size and not necessarily moving it. Move the overlay where you want it to go and then copy only the shifts command. Do this by either highlighting the text, right-click and click copy or you can highlight and press ctrl+C. Then paste that into your script whenever you want the overlay to move.

The only time you need the scales code (the code below the shifts one) is if you were to change the size as well but if you’re just moving the overlay you don’t need to copy & paste the scales code again since you’re not changing the size too.

You should now have something like:

 @overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to ### ### in zone # 

Now you add a duration at the end by using the word “in” and then the amount of seconds you want it to take to get to their face. So for an example:

 @overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to ### ### in zone # in # 

Example with it filled in:

 @overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to 63 241 in zone 2 in 3 

Since you want your overlay to hit someone you’ll likely then need to add another timed “shifts to” for it to drop after it’s hit the person so after you get another spot for the overlay to drop to the ground, you would code it something like this;

 &overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to 63 241 in zone 2 in 3 THEN overlay OVERLAY shifts to ### ### in zone 2 in # 

Just adding a ”then” in between the codes.

Keep in mind if you use @, until the overlay finishes moving then whatever else you have coded after it won’t start until that is done. If you use & then your overlay will move and whatever you have coded after it will happen at the same time as your overlay is moving. So use whichever one works for that scene.

If you want your overlay to rotate as it’s moving then you can find out how to rotate your overlay on the link provided to you. That’s just a basic concept of how to do it.


I really appreciate this full response I’ll be sure to use it once my overlay gets reviewed :heart:

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Feel free to pm me if you need further help :slightly_smiling_face:

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again thank you so much for this instruction it helped a lot

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No problem hun! Glad it helped!

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