I need a drawn cover! { FREE with CREDIT }

I need a free drawn cover with full credit. My story is called “ Secret Admirer “. The characters are

And I would like the girl to be reading an envelope/ love letter and the guy like :shushing_face:

Please and thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I probably missed a lot so please ask questions!

I’d be open to doing this! I would just need more info on what the poses would be like, the relationship between them, a brief summary of the plot, etc

Thank you! The girl is the main character and the boy is the love Interest


Your an A+ student, Perfect daughter, And WAS the perfect employee, Until your managers best friend shows up and you start getting love letters from somebody random. Could it be your managers hot best friend or a stalker??

I want the girl to be like near the front of the screen reading a love letter/Envelope and the boy near the back in a “Shushing position” :shushing_face:

If you can’t draw this feel free to do any pose!!:kissing_heart:

Hey… Don’t wanna rush or anything because it’s art after all. I’m just curious on a date expected to be done :sweat_smile:

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i’m actually working on it rn! I would estimate between tomorrow or wednesday at latest

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Thank you so much!!! :blush:

Heyyyy!!! Any updates :blush:

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yes! it should be done later today!!

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All done! Let me know if there’s any adjustments you’d like made. I made three, two with different titles and one without .

Title 1

Title 2

Without Title

These are amazing!!! Thank you sonmuch

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So much*

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ofc! just credit my IG @lee_ahora.epi :revolving_hearts: