I need a EXTRA writing partner HELP!šŸ˜°šŸ˜±

Hello everyone I need a writing partner for my story to help me write some scenes and complete the story together

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Can I write a story with you pleasseeee

hey!! I would love to help but can I have some details about the story?


Private email me first tho

Okay @kateharper what are those details

I think she was talking to me

But can I help you with a story @ItzKastinR

Okay it is my another World contest entry

Ok so can we write a story together then?

Yes ofc

Private email me

Btw its fine if you want to work on this story. But will you be able to work on the one with me as well? If not please tell me x

Sorry but Iā€™m already writing one with her

So are we not doing ours anymore?

Well, me and @ItzKastinR are doing it together so yh

Okay then.