I need a few ideas for my story

I need a few ideas for my story
can someone help

What’s your story about ?

its about supernatural stuff

Okay! What genre is it, and is there any big ideas you already have in mind?

If not, maybe something like this:

  • A girl and her father move into a neighborhood that they deem normal but it turns out, it’s filled with supernatural beings.

I have a little bit of a storyline but I need to add a bit more to it so like
her family and a few of her friends are supernatural but she doesn’t think she’s supernatural

Maybe have some people like track her down and maybe add suspense by having people want to kill her to get her and her family’s powers but she’s still confused so her father begins explaining to her about their true identity and that they need to hide their “scent” or something similar to that by having a really close friend so no one would ever get suspicious and begin to think she’s not normal.

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Okay! Thank you

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No problem:)

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Yes! Maybe also that she’s always been different and her family has tried to teach her how to use it but she can’t…
Turns out she just has the strongest power of them all!

That sounds good
I like the idea thanks :purple_heart:

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