I need a few overlays ASAP!

Hey! I need an overlay of a few different coloured suitcases, and a few open suitcases with clothes and other belongings inside. I also need a pile of clothes of the floor (two different ones). And lastly I need a black school bus.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Suitcases coming your way!


bigdoor image image

Thank you so much these are perfect! Do I need to credit?

And by any chance do you have any of the other overlays? It’s totally fine if you don’t :blush:

Thank you!! The second one if just what I was looking for! Is credit needed?

Nah, yw :slight_smile:

No credit needed! I actually just found them on the overlay sharing thread!

Ok :slight_smile:

Oh, what’s it called?

The official overlay sharing thread

Ok thank you i’ll check it out!

Hi, can anyone help me? I need some Valentines Day overlays and some Spy overlays.

I found the pile of clothes and a few more suitcases, but I still can’t find a bus. I eventually found a bus, but it’s to many MB. So I’m not exactly sure what to do lol.

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Same, all the buses are too big!

Yea ik, its so annoying! :joy: