I need a few overlays/backgrounds


I need a few overlays and backgrounds, I’ll keep adding them as I remember. Please consider helping if you can!

Dont forget to add how you want me to credit you in my story.


This is the first one:

I need the black background gone, it must be png and the dark gray part inside also must be erased.

I’ll add this jacket as an overlay, you get the point probs.



Thats really nice! Could you also erase the inside part please? The dark gray one :slightly_smiling_face:


like this?


Yes! thats amazing! Thank you so much! How should I credit you?


No need to credit :slight_smile:


I’d rather crediting, since you saved me a lot of time :smile:


Honestly making someone’s life a little easier is credit enough. Maybe just pay it forward instead :slight_smile:


I need a new overlay T_T

I need this green table to be cut out as a png anyone would like to help? (with all of the other stuff that it has on)


Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Youre amazing :sob:


I try :wink:


If anyone would like to help me by cutting off the reception desk, it’d be awesome :grimacing:




Thank you! How would you like to be credited