I need a few splashes and backgrounds, can anyone do some for me?

Hey, I need a few splashes AND backgrounds. Is anyone willing to do one? Info is below. I’ll give credit btw, lol.


1st splash - I need it to say “Warning! Mature themes and strong language.”
2nd splash - I need it to say “Music and sounds are used in this story.” It needs to have a pair of headphones on it somewhere. The background on both of the splashes need to be space themed please.


I need the inside of a spaceship. I need rooms such as - bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, a main area (living room maybe), and a place where you steer the spaceship.
There is no theme, but if you need more info I can give you more.

If anyone is willing to do one of these for me, I will be SO grateful. THANK YOU

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Hey! I got you! Check out The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop!