I need a free art scene for my episode story




Body color~Light
Eye Brow~Bushy wide
Hair style~Short cropped Hair (Black)
Eye style~Deepset piercing (Blue)
Face style~Chiseled square
Nose style~Button
Lips style~Classic (Blush)

Body color~Olive
Eye Brow~Defined Natural
Hair style~Messy Back Bun (Chestnut)
Eye style~Round Bold (Brown)
Face style~Soft Natural
Lips style~Full Round (scarlet)

I forgot one more thing can I have the girl all beaten up too please

Time frame
1 week

I can do this!! You want this drawn or edited? I have an example of my drawn work.

Can I have an example of your drawn art work

If you still need it, you can check out my art shop - CaraMel's Art Shop 💕