I need a free cover/edit for my story 💕

I feel greedy just asking but I desperately need some art . I understand people are busy and it takes a while but I’m patient enough to wait :slight_smile: if anyone could I appreciate it. (I prefer the art style of the cover in “The New Girl”) Thank you.


U can come here :blush:

The Hershey Official Art Shop chocolate_bar {OPEN}

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I can help…I don’t draw but I can edit pretty well…

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@nellyy.epi Did my cover and I’m in love with it. I can direct you to her thread if you like :prideheart:
She does edits for free :black_heart:

Cover for "Beyond The Grave," my (as yet unreleased) story

Here’s the link:
NellyS4d’s art thread - Click here!


Hi! I can make you a cover! :black_heart:

  1. Fill out the form on my Instagram bio - daniepisodewriter
  2. You have to read 3 chapters of my story - Where the Shadows Belong
    Here’s the link for my story:
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Hey if you still need help I can :heart:



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