I need a girl character for my story

Hi there! If you want to appear in my story “The Last Hybrid Wolf” as the MC’s long lost sister your character must fulfill this conditions:
Skin color-Light
Eyes colour-purple
Hair colour-fawn.
Also if you want me to mention you when you will appear in the story just tell me.
Thank you.

I’m sorry, I didn’t want to put the platinum blond color too.
It was a mistake.

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Do you want me to send a picture with theother hair color

In fact could you give me the character details.
It would be much easier for me.

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Skin: Light
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Hair: Beach Wave (Fawn)
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Purple)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic (Crimson)

Thank you.

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