I need a good cover, quickly


Hi, can someone help me? If you are free rn and you know how to edit please help me. I want a cover for my first story ever and we all know even if it’s not fair, a good cover helps a story. If you want to help, just send a message.


Hi @EvelineQueen I can help you out!
If you send the details I would be happy to make it for you!


Thanks for offering to help me. Someone else offered to help too, so I hope there’s not going to be a prob for letting you both help me with a cover. You do limelight covers aswell?


Who offered? It kind of depends…
I am not doing it if someone else has already made it in general!


No one did anything. They just send me a message that they would like to help. I asked them the same question, about limelight and they didn’t answer so I told them that I no longer need help


Oh, okay! But I do LL covers! If you send me the details I will work on it in about an hour, I have to go now!


Ok gr8. As long as you can finish it today or tomorrow.
So, the char looks like this:
face shape: diamond, hair style: long feathered colour : chestnut brown (aswell as for brows), skin colour: beige light gold, eyes: generic, dark brown, eyebrows: Arched Natural, lips: small heart colour: Warm Pink Matte, nose: defined.
The background I want to be something with neon lights, a street, a cafe, whatever you find.
I want her to hold the phone in her hands and to show the screen to the reader. On the screen will be written: The game must have a winner, will you be the one?
Title:War of Hearts
Outfit: Collar A Line Cotton Red Sepia, and you can add some earings
Thanks again!


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@EvelineQueen, I am sorry the text of the phone is barely readable…


It’s so cute, thank you so much!
You can erase the phone and make her arms crossed so she can look bad ass, and make her smile.
Also would you mind making the title text a little thicker please?:blush:


Then I would have to redo it completly, I will do that tomorrow! And about the text, that is this way because it is for both small and large, but I will make it bold, that helps!


I didnțt know it would be that complicated. No need to redo it, I’ll use this one:blush:


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I thought you left the forums?


No, I will redo it @EvelineQueen, it won’t take that much time! It is okay!


Raven Hood can


@SpiralKaleidoscope I was already making it! So I think it is kind of unrespectful towards me to be honest!
@EvelineQueen I hope you like it better this way! If not, tell me what you want and I will change it!


Thank you so much, it’s perfect!