I need a great cover artist!

I hope this is ok it was hard earasing the whitelines since the boy had white clothe if you need a redo just ask

Okay I didn’t want that font I want Rising to be white and in cursive and Star to be gold and bold

The background didn’t look like what I thought it would so could you just do a plain purple background with like a gold heart

My name, I want it the same way as Rising, but smaller and below the title

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And there needs to be a little bit of sparkles

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I could do it, but you have a good artist whose making it for you already.

Ok I will go fix it

Wait one more thing. Can you make the boy taller than the girl? And (I lied two more things) I want them close together

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Also what about this

Which one

851c91548cb14df5eb6defa8d8a77af6 f1dc5ece034caf20a8e95de57c862709 a678d3909c07fb830a1964ac3101948f

That first one is perfect

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Are you able to draw on the characters?

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Okay well could you add highlight to both characters (but make it more subtle on the male)

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Also which one

c00d803241b7cff4d482db46a16f2b67 ba88d05c4fb7c7e816485eed64246c22 6306f2895435b0f93ab7714cf6173901

And which one

c765e0f60994ee860d75000a6659b3f8 light-purple-paint-colorsvesti-help-me-decide-on-a-background-image-for-my-phone-page-2-6uuv2kkz

Second one
And I really don’t* like any of those Star words

Just make it white and bold no gold

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Which hearts

3d-golden-heart-clip-art__k1755332 download%20(1)

The first one

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Also which text

d9142214b4863bdfae141b660103fe60 9bd763e41377d6827586a3c627f0ba49 fa5347fc9f1d9dbcc6e58ab6f956d56a

second one

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To you still want it bold