I need a group!

Perfect! Is there any art I need to do now?

Kk, whats the thread called?

You can join Episode_girls!

Just pm us

Perfect! Thanks bossyroxy411!

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@RYAN can you remove this thread, please?

Episode harmony can

If you want You can join Episode Harmony

We have so much request and we need all the help we can get

OK! Can you send me the thread?

Ignore me if you dn’t want to

Ok hold on

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I got jas

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Oh nvm

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Hi Sophia! Just a heads up that Ryan is no longer with Episode. Please flag any post’s or topics that you feel need to be closed or violate the forum rules. Thanks. :peace_symbol:

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Oh, thats sad. Ok

@Jeremy, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering when @Ryan left? Sorry, I know its random, I was just wondering.