I need a hand overlay! (ink)

I’m in need of an overlay. Could somebody make me that one overlay of the male having his hand on the waist, but where you don’t see his arm just his hand? I need that in the skin tone Honey in Ink. I hope you can understand which one I mean. I want to put it on the waist of another character.

@shara.stories on IG has a lot of limb overlays in her drive (:
Make sure you give credit to her!

I checked it out. While she does have a lot of overlays, she doesn’t have any hand ones. But still thx xoxo
EDITED: oops, she does!! I just didn’t see them before

You need a right hand or a left hand?

When the char is standing facing left, it’s the left hand

I found the one I needed, but still thank you so much!!!

Okay!! U’re welcome

@Sydney_H this can be closed now :smile:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: