I need a help! (About fading and stuff.)

Hello everyone!

So I am currently in progress of writing my new story, but there is a problem.

When I want to fade in a scene with character, the character pops up after the fade, but I want the character to already stand there while it fades.

Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you so much! :heart:

oh and how do i find out the spot?


nvm found it out, thank you so much! :heart:


Oh one more thing guys! If i put in a character customization template, how will I make it remember the character for all the chapters? Because im afraid it will not work for all of them.

It automatically remembers the choices they make in customization as soon as they choose something.

Thank you! You’re a sweetheart for even responding.

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Oh hun one more thing, if the custom character is like talking, do I just type YOU or something else?

It depends on what you name them in your script.

If the script name is YOU, then yes you would.

If the script name is something else, you’d just type whatever their script name is.

Wonderful, thank you a lot for your help :heart: Will notify you when my story is done :heart:

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