I Need a help for Coding

Hey guys, :slightly_smiling_face:
I need ur litttle help . In my story first chapter i gave a outfit choices for readers i want keep that outfit foe my second chapter which chose by reader Can anyone help me how to code it

label MENU

“Cashual blue” {
@ELSA is dustoff_neutral_loop
@ELSA changes into E-cashual blue jeans
goto dressing_end
“Cashual pink” {
@ELSA is dustoff_neutral_loop
@ELSA changes into E-cashual pink
goto dressing_end
label dressing_end

    ELSA (admire_happy)
Should I wear this?

“Yes! This is perfet” {
@ELSA is primp_brushhair_happy
}“ew…no” {
@ELSA is react_gasp_dismayed
goto MENU

you need a } for the cashual pink :heartbeat:

if i give this outfit choice to reader end of the first chapter, then how can i code that outfit in second chapter

there’s no need to put any coding, the outfit will carry on to another episode unless you changed it

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ohh :grinning: Thank u :cherry_blossom:

Although, you need a dialogue before the word choice, otherwise you’ll have an error

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