I Need A Help! New directing? I don't get it

There’s this new thing with directing characters.
It used to be: @ANDREW walks from left to screen right
And now the site tells me I have to name the location and the time it takes them to go there?
Like: @ANDREW walks to screen right in 5?
But how can I decide from which side he come from?

I need help fast.
And will this affect my other stories? Do I have to rewrite them?

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Wait, are you having trouble getting you characters to enter? Or when your character is standing somewhere and it wants to move somewhere else?

If you want your character to enter it would be @CHARACTER enters from right/left to screen center/left/right etc.

But if you just want a character to move somewhere

Say your character is standing screen center

You would use @CHARACTER walks to screen left/right

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Moved to Directing Helps and Tips since it involves coding/scripting. :wink: