I need a help with the codes!

I have no idea how I should make it work. I’m writing the first episode of my first story and I want to make a car appear in the background, then a girl (here Star) run through the crosswalk. Then I want the car approaching her and stop just behind her. And a guy (Dave) leaving the car to yell at her.
I put two pics bellow, one of the script the other one of the app.

Can you help me pleasee?? I read every guide and forum here and can’t find the problem.!


You have to specify the zone for your overlay

@overlay NAME shifts to x y in zone #
@overlay NAME shifts to x y in zone # in T

T = Time

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OMG. Thank you!! And what should I add because i want the women in front of the car, but the car is placed in front of her.

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Use layers! You can read this for a better explanation!

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Thank u so much!

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No problem!

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