**I need a honest opinion and tips to improve**



I’m new to making art and I want to improve with it so please anything will help I want you to give me an honest opinion on this artwork and what I should improve on


I don’t know if this is the correct topic to me asking.


I truly think it’s amazing and did you want lessons on drawing or covers & stuff? 'Cause I can only do covers splashes banners profile pics and stuff not drawn


Well thank you


I Just want someone’s opinion on how it looks


Oh I guess before u edited the title it said u wanted art lessons too lol


Yeah i wrote the wrong thing. Sorry if i miss leaded you


ha, no lol I can’t even draw well for my age


It doesn’t matter about age I just tried everyday to get better and better. I’m still not good even right now but if people at least like it then i’m happy. because i never thought my work was gonna be amazing but i just kept trying to get better and better


ok but my art looks like I crapped then ate it then threw back up again lol


Lmao no ones art can be that bad.


This is gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


Thank you :blush: That’s very nice of you to say :heart:


It can. I have written proof.


Well okay then.






xD wow i didn’t think about it like that but i’m not that good at editing but well that’s funny


obviously my arts not that cruddy. Thats like how my 10 yr old brother draws


Hey at least you can draw better then your brother.


yeah lol that actually makes me feel better


maybe add some highlight or shade the face more to add more structure/ make it look more realistic? Idk much about drawing portraits and stuff