I need a hotel overlay **urgent**

I know episode has a Hotel entrance background and i’m fond of it but does anyone happen to have any hotel backgrounds? The backgrounds on episode are angled and difficult to place my characters on as i want it forward but if it could look anything like this, angled straight at the entrance i’d appreciate it lots:

This is a overlay but you can change it into a background.

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Do you have anything else that is more…pixelated? Something that looks less realistic and more episode-y

Oh okay, so you don’t want a photo right?

Just something that genuinely looks like a a hotel background on episode really

This is the best I could find but it looks like an hotel from a cartoon lol

Thanks anyway hah, i’ll browse for some

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You can search in pixabay… I’m right now writing a story and ALL my backgrounds are downloaded from there… I hope that you’ll find what you’re looking there :pray::revolving_hearts:

Thanks a lot

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Check this out

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