I need a large cover please!

I need a large cover please!

Story title - Overcoming
Brief story description - The story is about this girl overcoming her first heartbreak. The story starts right before her heartbreak. It was her first love and they dated for years and they were best friends. The break up came out of no where. The story focuses on how she recovers from it and the bright future she has ahead of her, even though she doesn’t realize it yet. A new lover/hero swoops in eventually.
Story Genre - Romance/Drama
A summary - It’s the same thing as the description. ^^
How many characters? (Max. 5) and it would be helpful if you tell me their names and who is who - 3 characters please! Names: Ian (the eventual lover/hero) Emmalyn (the main character) and Ryder (the heart breaker and first lover)

Details of character 1 - Ian
Skin color - Rose 03
Eyebrows - Straight Medium Scar
Eyebrow color - Dark brown
Hair - Medium Taper Wavy
Hair color - Dark brown
Eyes - Narrow Almond Deep Sunken
Eye color - Blue Green
Face shape - Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble
Nose - Male generic
Lip shape - Medium Straight Natural
Lip color - Beige rose

Details of character 2 - Emmalyn
Skin color - Rose 03
Eyebrows - Arched Natural
Eyebrow color - Chestnut brown
Hair - Long Feathered
Hair color - Chestnut brown
Eyes - Female generic
Eye color - Hazel dark
Face shape - Heart Soft
Nose - Round Button
Lip shape - Full Heart Pouty
Lip color - Pink Beige matte

Details of character 3 - Ryder
Skin color - Rose 03
Eyebrows - Male generic
Eyebrow color - Light brown
Hair - Medium Waves Natural
Hair color - Light brown
Eyes - Narrow Almond Deep Smiling
Eye color - Ice Blue
Face shape - Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble
Nose - Male generic
Lip shape - Medium Heart
Lip color - Beige rose

Now onto the outfits:
Outfit/clothing names of character 1 - Ian
Top - Baggy Hoodie and Shirt Cotton Grey Light Cool
Pants - Skinny Jean Torn Rolled Cuff Denim Blue Oxford
Shoes - High Top Classic Leather Black

Outfit/clothing names of character 2 - Emmalyn
Top - Loose Gauge Sweater Side Slit Cotton White Ivory
Top 2 - Military Style Peplum Jacket Pleated Bottom Cotton Grey Black
Pants - Rippedleggingssimple Blueoxford
Shoes - High Top Sneakers Cotton Black White
Accessory - Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver

Outfit/clothing names of character 3 - Ryder
Top - Open Flannel Cotton Brown Tan
Pants - Baggy Jeans Simple Belt Denim Blue Oxford
Shoes - Chelsea Ankle Boots Pull Tab Leather Neutral Tan
Accessory - Cross Necklace Metal Silver

Now, the main cover requirements:
What vibe should the cover give to the person reading (Ex. sad, happy, dramatic, etc.) - Maybe sad, but also happy. If you know what I mean.
What color should the cover be, in meaning, dark, bright, eerie, etc. - Bright/Dark
What background should the cover have (preferably from the Episode Art Catalog, but if not, add the photo of the background you want) - You can choose. I don’t care

Now, onto the character emotions and actions:

What emotion/action do you want character 1 to be doing? - Ian on her right side with a rose in his hand (if possible)
What emotion/action do you want character 2 to be doing? - I’m kind of envisioning maybe something like Emmalyn in the middle. The left side of her is sad and then her right side is happy.
What emotion/action do you want character 3 to be doing? - Ryder on her left side. He facing away from her with his arms crossed.
What way do you want the characters to be facing (Ex. back to back, away from each other, in front of each other, etc.) and what is the meaning of the characters doing these emotions (are they flirting, arguing, fighting, etc.) -
Ian - On the right side, in a flirting way.
Emmalyn - In the middle. Her “left side” is sad because she can’t seem to get over the pain of her last relationship and her other failures in her life at the moment.
Ryder - He is facing away from Emmalyn on her left side. He looks sad, but also mad.


U can go here :blush: and I would gladly do it:

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Hey I can try to make the large cover for you. Here is an example of one I made:

Ok thank you!