I need a leg overlay ink honey

I need a leg overlay type ink color honey

Do you want a certain pose/position for the leg?

Ink right?

Yes like I need the leg like where they are wrapped around somebody

Do you know an animation for that? Because if so I can do that.

Male or Female leg?



Does this animation work?

And is her leg wrapped around a man or what?

Yeah but make sure it looks like the legs is wrapped around somebody but yes if you can the legs can be crossed if what your talking about matches what I said then it is exactly what I am looking for thank you

Ok, can you send a pic of the female character doing that animation and a pic of the other character? Or whatever the leg is wrapped around?

Ok, thanks! So where is she with him? On his shoulders?

That just gave me a great idea you think you could do two overlays it doesn’t have to be back to back but I will show you the position they are in in the one I need now

It is going to be zoomed up closer where you can’t see her legs bu

t here

Here is the girl

So what do I ned to do for the 2nd one?

I just need the legs I still want her to be kissing him I don’t need a overlay for him but thank you I will probably use this one in the cover so it doesn’t go to waste

I did this for you!