I need a leg overlay with an outfit on it

i need a leg overlay
type color tan
the outfit :image
laying postion

Hi there!
I know it is so hard to find a good arm/leg overlay that fits how you want it! I have been searching for ages! I eventually gave up because i was having so much trouble finding what i wanted… so i have recently learned it was pretty simple. (but also frustrating) lol. So i thought i would tell you how!
Here are some steps!

  1. Make your character wearing your desired outfit doing whatever animation you want, in your story. Make sure you save!
  2. Next go on your phone (go into episode) and click on your story and when your animation comes up take a screenshot.
  3. Now download an app, one that can erase a backround… I simply use an app called MagicEraser… It is FREE!
  4. Put your screenshot into the app and erase everything but what you want your overlay to be.
  5. Save your photo as a transparent photo, and save it to your laptop and your all done!!! ( i use airdrop to save it to my apple computer)

I hope this works for you! If you have any questions please let me know!

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