I Need A Limelight Model For My Edit! (DONE)

Hi everyone!
So I want to enter an edit contest in Instagram and I want to do random pick for the model :smile:
I’ll edit your character with your fave seasons of the year
This is one of my edit in limelight:

If you like my art and want to be my model,
Please go to my instagram @bellarina.episode
And take a vote in my instastory!
You can also check out my other artworks in my instagram :wink:
Thank you :blush:

(And when I reach 250 I’ll do a giveaway!)
If you want to see my edit in ink style:


Omg! You’re so good! Can I be the model? :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Really gorgeous!
I would love to be a model in ink?

@EpisodeGirl Thank youu :blush: Sorry, but I’ll pick randomly from those who voted yes in my instastory :sweat_smile: If you want, you can vote too and maybe you’ll get pick :smile:

@Ms.Kate Thank youu :blush: Sorry, but right now I need a limelight model, not ink :sob: stay tune to my instagram for further announcements! :smile:

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Hehe that’s fine! I voted there :wink:

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Wow cool! Thankss, may you get pick later :blush:

You’re so good

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Thank you so muchh :heart_eyes:

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Ofc :smiley: