I need a little background help!

Hey, does anybody have two backgrounds that I could use?
I need a plane seat background, like this one

But maybe with the window in it,
The back of the plane seat, as if you were sitting in that seat looking forward at the seat in front of you. Also, if you have an overlay of that seat, that would be amazing!!!
Thank you!


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Thanks @Danielle318 :blob_turtle::tulip:

Hi @Olivia_Yeah :wave: I made this one here you’re welcome to use:
I don’t have it with the windows open :disappointed_relieved:

Here is the back view of the seats:

A background to put behind the rear seats:

Here’s an example of what it looks like put together :nerd_face: You can just duplicate and scale down the backs to add more passengers :+1:

You can just credit my forum name if you decide to use them :dizzy::v::tulip:


Thanks you so much!!!

You’re welcome :v::tulip: