I need a little help here

So in the selected line i wanted my character to do the animation idle_rear but for some reason that’s not working. If anyone knows how i can fix it i will be grateful

maybe try writing “and” in capital letters?:eyes:

I’m sorry but the ampersand sign (&) doesn’t work that way. :upside_down_face:
Only if you want your characters to do the same thing at the same time you can use the ‘&’


@Teja_6274 is talk_exhausted
&BLUEY starts talk_exhausted

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Is Fallon supposed to walk and be idle_rear at the same time? This would result in her sliding to the new spot.

&FALLON walks to spot x in 2 AND FALLON faces left AND FALLON does it while walk_neutral_rear THEN FALLON is rear
@zoom…in 2
Then the narration

I’m not sure how you want her to walk. And which way to face. But in rear, it’s backwards.

yes i wanted her to, because at the start of the scene it will be zoomed in then zoomed out while the character is sliding idk if i explained it right but basically that’s what I’m trying to do

There’s no problem with writing ‘and’ in small letters but i tried your suggestion and it’s still not working

Actually, when I code if I write ‘and’ in small letters in doesn’t work. Idk maybe, write separately or add a walking animation. I guess, it’d work.:point_right::point_left:

I want her to slide that’s why i can’t add a walking animation, i tried everything i know but this b*tch wont cooperate. Anyways thank you so much for trying to help girl :couplekiss_woman_woman:

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So what is the issue? That she does not stay rear after she slides to the new spot?

Yes she faces front

After the FALLON walks to spot… add “THEN FALLON is idle_rear”
And I suggest changing is to @zoom instead of &zoom

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Heh! I understand. Coding rear scenes are real struggle. Anyways, I hope you’d figure out something. :mask:

OMG GURL THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU let me kiss you real quick :couplekiss_woman_woman: :couplekiss_woman_woman: :couplekiss_woman_woman: :couplekiss_woman_woman:

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I just did :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

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Awesome, I’m happy it’s working for you.

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:metal2: Congratulations :metal2:

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