I need a little help plz (poll)

Hii! :disco:
I hope you are doing well! I have been thinking of doing commissions but I’m not sure so I’d like your opinion! I know there are not so many people who take free art requests on the community anymore but I’ve been in it for years and started doing art since May 2020

More recent examples

The 2nd one is my most recent but it was a bit rushy (I finished it yesterday)
Know though that each character takes me 4-7 hours and I put a lot of effort and hard work to it! I am also doing them on my phone with no oen but only my bare hands so I’d appreciate it if you considered that as well!


Should I do commissions?
  • Yess
  • Ew no
  • Yes but with small prizes

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Have a great day/night! :blob_hearts:


I think u could do it with a little more practice (:

I only say that since the advice I’d give is to watch the face shape of the characters being drawn. The shapes of anyones art can make or break it. If the face shape is misshapen or the eyes are too big/small etc…then it can change the whole way your finished piece looks (:


Thank you so much for the advice I’ll surely take notice of it in the future! :heart_eyes:


Your welcome, feel free to reach out (I’m also an artist so I may be able to help) (:

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Thank youu :blob_hearts:

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Just as a quick reminder, you cannot charge money for episode style characters, I only mention this as some of your examples contain clear ink characters.

Aside from that, I would say you have quite a way to go before taking commissions. That isn’t a bad thing, it is just an observation.

Your art lacks clean lines and has next to no shading, and texture. Some parts are out of proportion and not so well shaped, example eyes and lips in the first image. Depending on what app you are using(?), there’s a variety if brushes you can try for different areas to get a better finish.

You should also take lighting into consideration as that can be a defining factor in upping the quality of a piece.

Don’t be disheartened, you will be able to polish this with lots of practice and adjustments in your process. I used to do art on my phone, with my finger, and it can be tricky, but it’s not impossible to improve with some more pointers.

Also note, whilst I voted no, I don’t agree with your “eww” part at the beginning. Saying no is different to saying eww about your hard work. Don’t put it down like that. It’s just not ready in my opinion. And I think it’s more helpful for someone to give you their honest view and try to help you improve than just say “Yes!!” Or “It’s perfect” when we can all always improve, even though some have further to go to get to one stage than others.


You shouldn’t put “eww” :frowning: with practice, you’ll rise to an advanced and more talented artist <3

I said yes tentaively, since I think you have good potential, but I also agree with the comments made by @M_H_C_Episode and especially @Cheyara_Skadi 's note about how Episode characters aren’t allowed to be commissioned technically.

As a general tip, I would try shading with a reference FOR PRACTICE! Not copying it over another layer, but just so that you have an idea for where the shadows and light falls. I also recommend just doing some pose and anatomy practice, but really it’s up to you what kind of style you want to end up with.

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