I need a little help with a story name!



So, I had an Idea of writing a story, but I can’t come up with a good name! Maybe you guys could give me some?

The girl is a genie! The boy happens to find her bottle and rubs it. She is in awe with how the boy looks. She grants the boy 10 wishes, which is 7 too many, and she gets in trouble with the genie comunity! How will it turn out?

I am still working on Heart Theif. I just have writers block right now! So don’t think I just gave up on it!



Rub The Heart?


criminal for love

rebel of the rules

anything for you


Thats good…!


ooouuu! yesss


Make a wish? lol ik thats kinda bad but also simple so idk


Simple but gets the job done…:laughing:


Yeah lmao idk! I think its important to come up with a title you like though because your gonna be working with it for a while lol


right! Thats why I asked lmao! So that way I didn’t create it with a name I wouldn’t like


Lust and Secret wishes :joy:


I really like that one lol


7 cursed wishes!




ooh nice one, em


That one is pretty good!


I get it!

It took me a while lmao


Seven too Many


Rub me more. :smirk::joy::joy::joy::joy:


my dirty mind


Oh my lord…:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: