I need a little help with my story


I am having some trouble coming up with ideas to lengthen my first 3 chapters.

So if anyone could help me come up with ideas pm me.

This is not me asking for a writing partner

I just need some ideas on how to lengthan my chapters. As I have only got short chapters of about 700/800 lines

Maybe you should be a little specific. Like we need your plot to think of something that will fit.

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I wouldn’t push for a certain amount of lines if you can only get that much then think about adding more dialougue or adding more “action” between lines. What I mean is no making the character answer right away and think or adding coding that isn’t talking. Try timing it with a stopwatch. Don’t try adding in unnecessary lines to fit a fixed amount of lines because it will ruin your story if you add scenes that are not needed.


I can’t exactly describe the plot that well.

But basically you have got to friends (mc and li) and the mc has really bad attitude (high school bad girl type) and the li has to help her change her attitude by end of the term or she will get expelled.

In the first chapter it’s cc and meet the characters.

In the second its her being told that she needs to change her attitude or she will be expelled.

There isn’t much tot he second chapter and I am just struggling to come up with ways to lengthen it

For my first four chapters I did 1000+ lines, but its different for everyone depending on where you want the cliff hanger, mine just happen to stop at 1000.
Do what ever feels natural to you

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I have no idea about the story, but maybe you can add more depth in character growth? As in personality change(grow to be better person, or more sinister(for evil character) according to what they have experienced?

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Okay! Thanks!

It really depends on how your story is starting. Most of my first 3 chapters tend to be on the langer side because I tend to add a lot of details. Character growth is good, but if you’re starting with narration, it will usually be on the shorter side.

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Ohh okay. Tysm!!

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Maybe flashbacks, depending on how well they fit in with the story, you can make the flashback to show how she got to how she is now, you can use these throughout the chapter, it’ll make it longer and help the readers understand who she is a little better

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