I need a LL template INT. SHIP POOL ON FIRE - DAY

Im new with directing and i could use a template that has the scene filled but not too filled

  1. I need some injured characters and unconcious

  2. And others who are scared

  3. My first MC is in zone 2 and the MC who is injured is in zone 3

  4. Here’s what i have so far

#Cero chows up while kara goes into frost mode
@speechbubble reset
@zoom on 343 371 to 298% in 0
@cut to zone 2
@KARA spot 0.524 95 365 AND KARA faces right
@DAISY XENO spot 0.488 214 406 in zone 3 AND DAISY XENO is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop AND DAISY XENO faces left
KARA (react_mortified)
&pan to zone 3
@zoom on 343 371 to 119% in 3

Hi, I don’t have such template but it is not difficult to do…do you know how to use the directing helper in the preview window?
This is extremely easy you place the character resize them an place them where you want them and you copy the coordinates by using the copy button… !

I have a script for a crowded party in 3 zones .you can change the animation and use it if you like and adjust it as I describe above:

&HILDA spot 0.362 87 393 in zone 1 AND HILDA faces left AND HILDA is dance_shake_happy_loop AND HILDA moves to layer -3
&DRUE spot 0.911 4 132 in zone 1 AND DRUE faces right AND DRUE is sing_energetic_loop AND DRUE moves to layer -1
&GLEN spot 0.614 262 265 in zone 1 AND GLEN faces left AND GLEN is dance_wavehands_happy_loop AND GLEN moves to layer -5
&FIN spot 0.722 130 253 in zone 1 AND FIN faces right AND FIN is play_airguitar_neutral_loop AND FIN moves to layer -2
&SEXY spot 0.317 43 408 in zone 1 AND SEXY faces right AND SEXY is dance_groove_happy_loop AND SEXY moves to layer -6
&BRUCE spot 0.443 224 360 in zone 1 AND BRUCE faces left AND BRUCE is play_airguitar_neutral_loop AND BRUCE moves to layer -6
&AMANDA spot 0.911 288 119 in zone 1 AND AMANDA faces left AND AMANDA is dance_club_happy_loop AND AMANDA moves to layer -1

&EAGLE spot 0.639 90 304 in zone 2 AND EAGLE faces right AND EAGLE is talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop AND EAGLE moves to layer -5
&RAIN spot 0.588 146 310 in zone 2 AND RAIN faces left AND RAIN is talk_smile_happy_loop AND RAIN moves to layer -5
&DARIEN spot 0.515 193 343 in zone 2 AND DARIEN faces right AND DARIEN is dance_backup_energetic_loop AND DARIEN moves to layer -6
&ETHAN spot 0.992 263 147 in zone 2 AND ETHAN faces left AND ETHAN is dance_club_happy_loop AND ETHAN moves to layer -6
&ZOE spot 0.983 216 131 in zone 2 AND ZOE faces left AND ZOE is dance_grind_neutral_loop AND ZOE moves to layer -1

&MARBEL spot 0.893 207 172 in zone 3 AND MARBEL faces left AND MARBEL is dance_slow_neutral_loop AND MARBEL moves to layer -6
&CIRIL spot 0.929 201 164 in zone 3 AND CIRIL faces left AND CIRIL is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear AND CIRIL moves to layer -5

Thanks for the thought :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But I got it

@Jeremy Could you close this plz

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Solved and closed. Thanks :smiley: