I need a name for a school

I need a name for a school for a certain type of superpowered people called the inhumans

Superpower Academy
Superhero High
Power Academy


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There is? Never heard of them, but my story doesnt have anything to do with marvel. Can i still use the name though?

if its related to Marvel or any superhero name or something I dont think u can use it. :thinking:

the name is similar so u may have to change it up a bit.

Ugh im terrible when it comes to names

Any suggestions

u can call the super people…hm…supers?

super humans?

super mortals

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As terrible as i am how about humangel

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nice! i like it

I’m not really good at names but I gave it ago

Paramount Academy
Monarch Academy
Edgewood Academy
Millennium Institute
Angelwood Institute

I like angelwood the most imma use it

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Glad I could help in some way

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