I need a name for my vampire academy in my story

So I am making a new story about a vampire academy. I have no idea what the school is suppose to be named. Can someone help me???

I’d check is that’s against the content guidelines or not :thinking:

I read something about not being allowed to publish any sort of fan fiction in relation to real or fictious characters/places

I could be wrong, but just check in case it is similar to the book series/movie Vampire Academy. It could get removed to the platform for resembling a fanfiction/tribute

Sangre Sanctum

Sanguine Hall

But I am making my own I am not taking anything from a movie or a book or something else :woman_shrugging:

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I assumed so, but I thought I’d just warn you

Good luck w/ your story x

I appreciate that, But as I said I am making my own. :smiley: And thanks!

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