I need a new cover for my story it for LL only next year in 2021

I need a new cover for my new story around next year in 2021 :smiley:

Edited or drawn
@M_H_C_Episode @Teja_6274 and myself do edits and I don’t know anybody really to do drawn covers.
@M_H_C_Episode Uses epsiode aminations I don’t know about @Teja_6274 And I do custom poses for edited covers

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My Examples

I do drawn covers for published stories


5c985e3ce9e1b48244574312a8a92d53581ec670_2_362x499 canva-photo-editor

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Those are very good!!

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thank you

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Yw! Now I know who to tag when some wants a cover to be drawn, if that’s okay?

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Moved to Art Resources since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.

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sure but I only draw for publish stories, or stories ready to be.

i draw or edit covers but this week I have to study


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Hi I’m an artist that can do drawn cover art, this is my first time doing this with episode my check out my Instagram @Fredaarts to see my art

I do free drawn cover art, and since there is time before your story is out, I can squeeze in your request over winter break!


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Thank you all for the reply :pray: :blush: I’ll pick one from you guys soon :grinning: