I need a new cover

I had a cover, but ive changed my characters up aaaaagain lol so if anyone is interested in helping me out by creating me a cover that would be amazing. Just ask me for the details.

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I’ll help ya again!!! If ya want!!! :grin:

Hi, this post would best be seen in the Art Resources section, where you can find plenty of cover artis, (including myself) who would love to make your cover(s)!

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Moved topic to Art Resources since you are asking for art help. Please refer to our forum tutorial for more information on where to correctly create topics. Thanks!

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Ok im going to send you a pic of the old one so that you can copy their outfits and then the second one will be of their features that need to be changed.

So you can keep these outfits:

And this is how I want them to look:

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I know the person that did that

I can tell her to do it

ok thats fine

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@BeccaBabe go to the link and tell me how you want it

what link? that one is just of a picture

do you want it like this like do you want the character edit


There a member of episode helpers


or like this

I like the style of the 3rd one< but with a different background

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Ok I will tell them also what is the character details

Female character details: Male character details: Male character 2 details:
Hair- Beach Wave Hair Hair- Male Faux Hawk (black) Hair- Generic Short (fawn)
Face- Oval Face- Defined Triangle Face- Diamond
Eyebrows- Mature Round Eyebrows- Thick arch athletic Eyebrows- Thick arch
Eyes- Upturned Luxe (green) Eyes- Deepest sloping (blue) Eyes- Gentle Almond (white)
Nose- Upturned Nose- Button Nose- Button
Mouth- Full Round Mouth- Uneven (taupe) Mouth- Smirk (taupe)
Skin Tone- Honey SkinTone- Tan Skin Tone- Honey

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Thank you

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It should be done next week or 2 weeks later I think

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