I need a new pfp!


So, I need a new pfp! I’ve stuck with this one for a while but I would like someone to do a better one for me :joy: pm me if your interested :purple_heart:



These wonderful artists can help!


tysm for tagging me


I don’t have a tag… I’m… so hurt…
walks away dramatically

LMAO !!! :joy: :laughing: :rofl:

Sorry… lol


i’m deadd


Thank you for all the tagged people! I’ve found someone amazing at art to do it now (@olivia.episode19)


Sorry! I literally forgot to put you up there! There are so many artists, that its so easy to forget and accidentally leave someone out! Sorry!


Lol it’s fine it was just a joke lmao


Wow talented! Thank you! :open_mouth:


But I can help if you need it.