I need a new profile picture

Hello everybody. I’ve been part of this community for 1 year already and I’ve found so many talented people on the Episode app, so that’s why I was wondering if someone could be kind enough to make a new PFP for me? I will use it on both my Instagram account (@epy.flowerdear) and on my personal forum page. The credits to the artist will be mentioned on this post down below and will get a shoutout on my Instagram account so more people can see their art. Thank you and have a great day. :heart:
Background picture:

Style: LimeLight
Character details:
Skin tone: Rose 04
Eyebrow shape and color: Round Thick, Dark Brown
Hairstyle and color: Messy Sock Bun and Brunette Brown
Eye type and color: Round Medium and Brown Black
Face shape: Heart Soft
Nose shape: Round Broad
Mouth shape and color: Small Heart and Pink Warm Matte
Here’s the picture so you can get a better look of it:
(With the same outfit on!)
Animation: film_phone_happy_loop but without the mouth moving
Time it has to be ready: Mid-Late November to Early December

Drawn or edited?

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Preferably drawn.

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