I need a nickname for a character named eijah


I need nickname

Elijah is a gang leader he has grey hair
he is 22



Eli? Pronounced Eee-lie


My second cousin is called Elijah and that’s his nickname for short :grin:


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I think Eli is a pretty good suggestion (pretty obvious though). I’ve also noticed people just using the first letter of their name as a nickname, so maybe you should consider it to be just E?


I was kinda thinking a nickname where I didn’t really have anything to do with the name idk


Lij ? Jah? Eah?


El, that’s my Characters nickname


Cloud (his hair is grey like storm clouds, so that could be an option.)


Oh the temptation to say Jah Jah Binks :sob::expressionless:


@TheStalkerDog inspired me with cloud, the nickname Storm.


OH YEAH! :smirk: That’s how I do.


Lavender :joy::joy: (Hunting Bad)


I usually nickname Elijah people as Eli, Li or Lij :thinking:

If you’re also looking for initials, EJ can work too.