I need a night version

Can someone help me please, i need a night version of this background


for edit~


OMg tysm iĺl credit you but may i ask how did you do it

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Ohh! Could I also use it? :innocent:
With credit of course :blob_hearts:


:sweat_smile: wow second person to ask


First I took your picture.

I added a layer and 'paint bucket" the whole thing black. Set the transparency to 30

then used an eraser that had a very blury, unclean, spraying looking feel… (I erased all the areas with lights)

then added a vignette at 30.

then I selected the window and added trees and the night Bg.( all these had a liner burn overlay) I also added a layer for the window glares.

and then I adjusted a little and BOOM DONE


Yes everyone is free to use
crediting me for this edit
is all you need ~♡


Great! Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:

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Hi can you please make a blanket overlay for it please the day and right

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Sure, but wdym by blanket?

Like when she is sleepign something to cover her with

Like this she is not covered

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oh for the couch?

Yeah I can do that

preferred color?

No no lol she is on the bed

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ohhh oopsies :laughing::laughing:

Yeah what BG are you using :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I´ḿ sorry i´m reallly dumb but what do you mean by BG

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oh don’t worry I’m slower then a snail

BG: Back Ground


oh right i used the night background you made for me :slight_smile:

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huh? wait how she’s sleeping side ways :thinking::thinking::thinking:

are you using the left bed?

yes lol

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ohhhh… okay :laughing:

well back to the blanket

preferred color, texture, pattern?

I zomed reset and it looks like this lol

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