I need a overlay!



I need the overlay used in demi lovato stories that send you to the closet menu…

The small one with the T-shirt and if you can make it blue!!

-thanks :kissing_heart::wink::heart:


Hey, is this okay?


Thank you!


Hi, can you make me an Iphone text message overlay?


Sure, do you have any specific text messages, if not could you be more specific about how I should make the overlay?


The text message layout:
Skai: What do you want?
Jay is typing…
Jay: I’m sorry. Please, can we meet up somewhere so I can explain?
Skai: Fine. Make it quick.
Jay: Alright, I’ll text you the address.
Skai left on seen

As the overall overlay, if you can, can you make the overlay have this layout?


Is this alright or do you want me to make the text messages separate overlays


Can you make the messages into separate overlays? btw it looks so nice! Also, at the top can it say " Jay" instead of Skai?




Thank you


Are these okay? Lemme know if u need any changes.


Picture1 Picture2 Picture4 Picture3


Yes! These are perfect


Thank you so much


No problem, glad you liked it!